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2022 Summer Guide

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These youth sports organizations are affiliated with the Big Foot Recreation District and BFRD assists these organizations as are able. Ultimately these organizations operate independently from BFRD.

Payments must be made to the respective club. Checks made to BFRD will not be accepted.

Big Foot Little Chiefs
PO Box 99
Walworth, WI 53184

Boy's Contact:
Hunter Price
Phone: (262) 443-8290

Girl's Contact:
Nicole Berning
(262) 394-4463

Registration Form - TBA
2022 - 2023 Schedules - please check back
4th Grade:
Boys A / B Girls
5th Grade:
Boys Girls
6th Grade:
Boys Girls
7th Grade:
Boys Girls
8th Grade:
Boys Girls


Updated 8/2/22

We need coaches, volunteers and board members!!!

Please contact Hunter or Nicole to help make the season happen
2022-2023 Boy's Information & Registration
· League runs December - February

Tryout Date

Nov. 5, 2022 Time: TBA


Registration Fee
$150/family maximum

Boy's Contact Hunter Price
Girls Little Chiefs
2022-2023 Girl's Information & Registration
· League typically runs October - December
· Practice starts around October 1
· Registration Deadline TBA


Registration Fee
$150/family maximum

Girl's Contact: Nicole Berning

Little Chiefs needs your help!
· Coaches
· Board Members
· Sponsors (Sponsorship Form)

The BigFoot Little Chiefs program is a non-profit, community organization designed to promote youth basketball within the Big Foot Union High School District boundaries. It is made up of a board of directors and an administrative committee of volunteers to help govern the organization.

The Little Chiefs Youth Basketball Club was created to give 4th-8th graders the opportunity to develop basketball skills to compete with other players in the area. The season runs November through March. Flyers will be sent to all of the area schools in the fall to promote our program registration.