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Social Paddle Club

Join this fun group on great water adventures! We explore streams, rivers and lakes around Walworth County and the surrounding area. Our paddles are typically about 2 hours followed by a stop at the nearest place to grab a bite and something to drink. After all - we enjoy paddling... and we also love talking about it!

$20 - Advanced Registration Required
Tandem Kayak / Canoe / *Paddleboard (*lakes only)
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If you’ve never joined us for a paddle - you’ll soon find out how fun this group of kayakers is! Some paddles require cursory skills, other paddles will require developed abilities. No paddles exceed class II rapids and are ±2 hours. Beginners are encouraged to take the Kayaking 101 class.
Guide: Chuck Thiesenhusen
Date Time Location Difficulty
Sun, April 21 10:00 AM Lake Mary - Spring Shake Down Easy
Sun, May 5 8:30 AM Turtle Creek, Section 3 Easy
Sun, May 19 8:30 AM White River, Sheridan Springs to Lyons Moderate
Sun, June 9 8:30 AM Mukwonago - Fox River Moderate
Sun, June 23 10:00 AM Turtle Creek: Section 4 - Family Paddle - bring your kids! Easy
Tue, July 16 5:30 PM Lauderdale Lake - rescheduled to July 16 from July 9 Easy
Sun, July 28 8:30 AM Mystery Paddle! Moderate
Sun, Aug 4 8:30 AM Piscasaw River - Section 1 Moderate +
Sun, Aug 18 8:30 AM Piscasaw River - Section 2 Moderate +
Sun, Sept 8 8:30 AM Yahara River Moderate
Sun, Sept 22 8:30 AM Club Vote Moderate
Sun, Oct 6
10:00 AM Geneva Lake - Fall Colors Easy
EASY DIFFICULTY: Paddler should have cursory skills to navigate minor obstacles, slow current, river bends, and have the endurance for a 2 hr paddle. Beginners are encouraged to take the Kayaking 101 class.
MODERATE DIFFICULTY: Skilled at maneuvering around down trees and other obstacles, execute quick turns, manage moderate sweeping current, negotiate straight-ahead class II rapids, portage around obstacles if required, endurance for up to a 3 hr paddle.
REGISTRATION NOTE: Our paddles are very popular and will have waiting lists. Please respect your fellow paddler and check your calendar before registering. No refunds issued within 7 days of a paddle.

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Things to Know

Are rentals available?
We have partnered with a local outfitter who provides discounted high quality rentals that are designed for the trip. He'll deliver & pick them up. He's also our "land crew" and helps ferry people back and forth. To rent, make sure you indicate you need a rental when you register. Lifejackets are included in the rental.

Can I bring my own kayak?
Of course, but please check contact the office if you are unsure if your kayak is appropriate for the paddle we're going on. Ex: Long, fiberglass, or "lake" style kayaks that have a skeg would be challenging/impossible to paddle on a shallow, twisty river.

I'm a beginner, can I sign up?
We do ask that you have some kayak experience. You should be able to negotiate around obstacles, maneuver through small waves, be comfortable performing a "wet exit" and have the endurance and basic paddling technique to keep up with the group for two hours. We also offer Kayaking 101 classes to help get you going.

How long are the paddles?
The paddles are typically 5-7 miles. We try and keep our time on the water to 2(ish) hours.

What can I expect on different water bodies?
If we are on lakes, expect waves from boats and the wind. Streams & rivers may have small rapids, obstacles, and current to deal with. Each has it's own challenges.

Can I bring my kids?
We do offer the occasional "Family Paddle" where we encourage you to bring the kids. It's great family time! With our adult paddles, well... sometimes adults just want to be around other adults. (Yes, we know your kids are the most mature/smart/accomplished kids around. Still - our adult paddles are for adults.)

Should I being money?
Yes. There may be launch & parking fees that you'll be responsible for if required. (We try and have that info in advance). Don't forget about grabbing some food afterwards.

What else should I bring?
A dry set of clothes, a dry bag to hold your stuff, sun screen, bug repellent, hat, sunglasses, water, granola bar, footwear, and of course your kayak, paddle & lifejacket.

Can I bring alcohol?
We highly discourage it while on the water. If you want to drink on the water - get a tube and float on your own time. We prefer enjoying a responsible beverage afterwards with our friends we made while paddling.

Why do we charge to paddle?
We pay our guide to scout out the water body a day or two before our trip. Our guide then leads our group for the event itself... so they're paddling it twice. That's worth something!

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