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About Us

The Big Foot Recreation District provides recreation and enrichment programs to the community that reflects the community’s interests. The instructors are employees of the recreation district or community members who have an expertise or talents in that subject area. Community members willing to share their knowledge with others are invaluable to the success of the recreation district and the quality of life of its residents.

Our Mission

To enrich lives through recreation and community learning within the communities served by the Big Foot Recreation District.

Core Values

Diversity Wellness Skill Inclusion
Excellence Knowledge Collaboration Full Value


Service Area

The Big Foot Recreation District serves the residents of the Big Foot School District. This area comprises the Villages of Fontana, Sharon and Walworth, the Townships of Walworth and Sharon and parts Delavan and Linn Townships. Check the map for details.


With the foresight of community members, school administration and board, the Big Foot Recreation District was approved by the Big Foot High School Board of Education in April 2002. The first director was hired shortly thereafter. The first recreation guide was issued for the Fall 2002 season, offering the broad range of recreation opportunities to its residents.


Chuck Thiesenhusen October 2007 - Present
Keith Graunke June 2002 – September 2007



The district uses Community Education Funds, often known as “Fund 80”, which are separate from the high school operating funds. Because Fund 80 is directed towards community education and its related operating expenses, Fund 80 does not fall under the revenue caps that the school budget process must follow. The operating budget for the recreation district is voted each year at the annual meeting.

Community Representation

The Big Foot Recreation District has an advisory committee that represents the area communities. This advisory committee meets quarterly or as needed and advises the director on community sentiments and operational concerns. The advisory committee is ultimately an advocate for the recreation district and encourages responsible growth.