Updated 2/1/22
We would like to thank the Big Foot community, donors, and sponsors for supporting the project!

This wonderful facility will be used with pride by our youth and student athletes, and is open to our residents for exercise, wellness and recreation. This treasure will benefit our community for years to come, and we are proud to have this facility on the Big Foot High School campus.

We encourage you to visit the complex - you'll agree that it's one of the best facilities around!

Show Your Big Foot Pride!

The donor wall is located next to the concession stand recognizing our Big Foot athletic supporters. Show your Big Foot Pride - and get on the wall!

Donations of all levels are welcome.

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Call Doug Parker at (262) 275-2116 or email Doug for additional information.

Current Donors

· Travis & Kaylee Frederick
· Mecum Auto Auctions
· Big Foot Athletic Booster Club
· Mercy Health
· "In Memory of Jeff Patek"
· Badger Plug
· Big Foot Wolves
· Tim & Laurie Collins
· Dean & Jill Connley
· Lakeland Community Church
· Becky and James Merwin
· Doug & Kristin Parker
· John and Kay Schwenn
· Continuous Motion Pkg/Hertel Family
· The Gerdes Family
· Shannon E. Wynn
· Mark & Lucinda Rapata
· Steven David Anderson & Family
· BFHS Cross Country Team
· Geneva Lake United Soccer Club
· Andy & Laura Long
· Chuck Thiesenhusen
· Reed's Marine / Shallcross Family
· Miller Auto Repair
· "In Memory of Michael Steele Wilkins"
· Art & Jane Larson and Family
· Americold Logistics LLC
· DJ's in the Drink / Mannella Family

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Work IS done!

July 22
The quadplex gate is now installed welcoming players and visitors to our great facilities!

June 23
We have a lot of excellent pics that we wanted to share - enjoy!

June 15
The new tennis courts are have been painted. Enter from the drive. Please park in a lot NOT the drive. Posted rules. Here's the light plunger. One push = 1 hr.

June 5
Even though the high school has been put on pause due to the virus, work has resumed on our facilities. There are just a few items left to address before the work is done. We're very excited to host games... soon?
The varsity dugouts look great! The varsity softball field is just about ready to host games. The baseball fields look great too! The quadplex concession stand is almost ready for fans. Umpire's view of the JV softball field. JV softball from the press box.
The JV dugouts also look great. JV baseball from the press box. Grass still needs to be laid in some areas - but you can see what it'll look like. The varsity fields has permanent bleachers. Your name will look great on the Donor Wall! (Donor plates will be up shortly.) The new tennis courts now have wind screens. Paint, lines, and nets installed in the next few weeks.

December 22
- Video Update
1:13 - The south fields still need some work, but will be completed in the spring.
Special thanks to Connor Olsen for the footage

December 13
We hosted St Johns University, MN for a practice before they headed to UW Whitewater to play in the NCAA Division III semifinal playoff game. The word is out that we have excellent facilities!

November 14-15
Big Foot was selected to host the State Semi-Final football game for Division 4 Level 4 between Catholic Memorial and River Valley. It took a lot of work get the field ready - thanks to the hard work of our maintenance and grounds crew!!
There was a lot of snow to clear. Using a special plow blade so the turf isn't damaged. After a lot of hard work, the field is almost ready. Ryan and Tim inspecting the field to make sure it's perfect for game time. Using the groomer to knock down the last bits of snow and ice.

November 12
Varsity Softball - still needs some fencing - but might have to wait until spring. Baseball lights are staged. The weather has played havoc with completing the project. There were still hearty roofers that didn't let the snow and cold slow them down. (It was 18 degrees blowing 25+ mph) Another look at the baseball concession building. Ladies bathroom - lots of stalls for the south fields.

October 29/31
The track now has lines. 9 sprint lanes - now BF can host invitationals. Softball batting cages taking shape. Softball bullpen. Softball was getting their lights today. Varsity Softball is almost ready.
Most of the sod has been laid. Just a little work left. Another look at Varsity Softball. Close look at the benches. Varsity Softball dugout. Here's the movable pitching mound after getting it's turf. It just needs to be assembled for use. Varsity Baseball bullpen.
The curb and driveway lead to the new parking lot and south fields. The parking lot is now paved. New fields require new rules to keep things looking nice. Also... please no pets. First snow of the season on the bridge. Oct 29. Second snow of the season... Oct 31. YUCK!!  

October 18
Discus - getting there. Long jump surface. The track surface has it's second coat. We just need the lines. The four fields for baseball and softball are all progressing with the turf installed and sod getting laid out. The varsity baseball and softball dugout blockwork is done. Still a lot of detail work needs to be done, but all of the fields are progressing.

October 14
Our gate was installed today. It looks very nice! Closeup Detail

October 1
Varsity Softball progress JV Softball - also coming along Varsity Baseball getting it's first layer of infill (sand) JV Baseball - soon it will get it's turf infield.
Bird's eye view of the practice field. The main field - now with a few games on it - looking great! Drone view of center field. Closeup of the turf.
Pre-Game Friday Night in the lights. Ready for our competitors. Of course it's raining, but no mud to be found.

September 27

Game Day: Big Foot makes the Hellas highlight reel scoring a touchdown on the new field!

September 16
It was determined the culvert by the old concession stand would not handle a 100 yr flood event with the addition of the tennis courts and parking lot so it was removed. The most cost effective option was to install a bridge. The bridge company making fast work of installation. Another look of the massive supports. Decking getting delivered. Decking going on. Yes... this is all the same day.
Here's the swale on the east side of the property. All storm water runoff is contained on Big Foot property. With the culvert removed (by the old concession stand), runoff continues unimpeded, and will not backup. Counters being installed in the north concession stand. Ceiling of the north concession stand. South concession stand progress.
Varsity baseball is starting to get it's turf. Another look of the varsity field from the press box. Varsity baseball dugout taking shape. The soccer field is getting it's infill. The soccer logo - Big Foot Pride!

September 14 - Hellas & Otto Jacobs at Touch A Truck

We had a great turnout for this community event. Hellas and Otto Jacobs brought a few of their construction machines for kids (and kids at heart) to check out. Thanks guys!
Hellas guys helping out for the event. Lookin' good! Not every day when you can see a dozer up close. Sign him up! This kid even has his Carhartts and boots on. Some big machines for a big project - all cleaned up for the event. Thanks Hellas!
Otto Jacobs has been one of the main suppliers of concrete for the project. Checkin' out the boom truck. Letting the horns rip! The boom truck is new this year to Touch A Truck. The concrete boom extends out over a hundred feet and was used on site multiple times.

September 10 - Updates
The field looks "sharp!" A closeup of the logo. The outside of the north concession building is coming along. The inside of the north concession building. South concession building for baseball & softball is taking shape.
You can see the different layers for the soccer field: packed gravel, barrier layer, shock layer, then the turf. Five days later... the turf is glued down and lines are getting cut in. A specialized crew cuts in the hash marks. These guys have toured the country, installing college and pro fields. It's a lot of precise work to cut in all the lines. On the practice field, the soccer lines are dominant while the football lines are a light gray. "... and it's good!"
Varsity Baseball - getting leveled. You can see the dugout being built. JV Baseball drainage system before the gravel is placed on top. JV Softball - the start of spreading out the gravel over the drainage. The track area getting prepped for it's surfacing High areas getting ground down for a perfect track surface.

August 29 - Focusing lights
High up on the stadium lights, the letters are laid out to be cut into the turf. Looking at the end zone, you can see how the new lights and shades prevent spill-over. Neighbors will notice a dramatic reduction in light spillover compared to the old lights.

August 28
The Jim Haeni Press Box. Lines and graphics are starting to get installed. Now with numbers and lines - they get cut into the turf and glued down. Another look.
Close up look at the turf. Field Events progress. Concession stand progress. Baseball starting to take shape.

August 22
The 6 bank of courts is all painted and ready for use New tennis court still need their paint There's turf!!! The lines and graphics all need to be cut in yet. The asphalt under the track has been laid.

August 19
West Side of the athletic complex. East Side of the athletic complex. The shock pad is 80% installed. Soon the turf will start to be laid into place.

August 19
Concession Building - huge overhang! Women's Bathroom... not quite ready for action. Home Bleachers... ready to host cheering fans! Inside the Press Box.
The football shock-pad is 80% laid down. When it's cured, the football field is essentially one large pad for safety. The field events are getting there. Shot-put and discus.

August 13
Photo Update
The "old" tennis courts getting sealed after patching. Paint and lines will next. The two new courts in the background, ready for paint and lines. The football/soccer concession building now has a roof. In the foreground, the football pad granules are being mixed with a binder. The first stripe of the football shock pad is being laid down. When the binder sets, it will be a soft layer under the turf that reduce concussion injuries. The white bags in the foreground contain the football field shock pad granules. Lots of bags! In the background, the turf is staged and ready.

August 13 Update August 8 Update
· The "old" tennis courts have been patched and just got sealed
· The start of the shock layer is being installed on the football field
· The concession building is taking shape
From the top of the press box

August 8
Photo Update
Two new Tennis Courts - concrete poured. Just needs it's topcoat and lines. Soccer Field - ready for it's shock pad before the turf is laid. Football Field - prepped and ready for it's shock layer before turf is laid. Football field - facing south
Concession stand is coming along. Another look of the concession stand. Track and field events. Facing south, you can see the new lights with shades to prevent light spillover. Further back you can see the ball diamonds starting to take shape.

July 9
Photo Update
Tennis Courts
lighting poles & fencing
Scoreboards and goalposts ready to be installed Casings being installed for football light poles Football field - almost ready for the shock-pad install
Football field Catch basin (eventually with a bio-filter) for parking lot runoff On the soccer field looking at the backside of the bleachers Softball/Baseball fields with the start of the concession building

July 8
: The Hellas team presented their update at the monthly school board meeting. They reported that tentatively, the football field should be ready for the first home game. Construction will continue throughout the fall on the baseball/softball areas. At this time, barring weather challenges, the project will be completed around the first part of December. There were clarifications about what the "E-Layer" is for the football field - essentially a shock pad which reduces concussions and increases the life of the artificial turf. More information is here.

June 28 Update June 17 Update
Did I mention it was drying out? We got a lot more rain. Ugh.
:28 Soccer field
:55 Bleacher pad
1:07 Baseball/softball field (fishing pond)
Now that it's drying out, there's a lot more activity.
:05 Soccer field taking shape
:18 Tennis court light poles (far left)
:25 Concession stand foundation

June 1 Update May 4 Update
:05 Track graded
:20 New tennis courts and parking lot
:45 Concession building foundation
:50 Soccer field grading
1:13 bleacher grading
:02 Road and parking lot work
:55 Future baseball fields
1:05 Track asphalt removed and initial grade-work
Thanks to Kyle Collins for the drone footage

Parking Lot and Road Work
Starting to prep the area for the road Packing the lot and roadway Culvert Work Packed and flat base for lot

End of April -
Arrival of big earth movers and construction supplies
Earth Scraper arrives DN8 Bulldozer Lots of drain pipe ready for installation Block for buildings

April Showers -
Weather Curveballs
First the rain... then the snow... then more rain... ugh!

April 5
- Video Update

Special thanks to Kyle Collins for putting together the drone footage

April 1, 2019
- Ground Breaking
Doug Parker Tom Connelly Darrell Frederick Doug Parker; Kim Anrtz; Tim Collins; Jane Palmer; Jim Brost; Gretchen McCarthy; Chuck Thiesenhusen
Doug Parker - Expressing gratitude for the support from the Big Foot community. Tom Connelly - speaking about the importance of the relationship between the village and the school. Darrell Frederick - talking about the "Jim Haeni Press Box" and his significance to the school community. Breaking ground with members of the Big Foot school leadership and representatives from Hellas Construction.

March 25, 2019 - Demolition - Day 5
Where the lights once stood & press box structure gone. Light poles cutup ready to be hauled away.

March 22, 2019 - Demolition - Day 4
Don't blink - press box is gone! Cutting the steel to get hauled away More cutting... and cutting

March 21, 2019 - Demolition - Day 3
Bleachers are Gone More Track Demo Football/Soccer Field

March 19, 2019
- Demolition - Day 1
Staging Equipment No More Fence Track Demo Bleacher Demo 1 Bleacher Demo 2
Check out the "Fly-By" of the facilities. Some of the design elements have changed since the video was made... but it's pretty close.


The Goal

The goals of the outdoor athletic referendum includes:

Address safety and functionality concerns of the athletic facilities.

Provide high-quality playing surfaces for our students.

Improve aesthetics of the Big Foot High School campus.

Provide opportunities for increased athletic, fitness, and recreational experiences for our Big Foot residents.

Address deferred maintenance projects.

Keep tax impact to property owners at a minimum.

Major Project Items

· Lighted, turfed baseball/softball quadplex w/ concessions and bathrooms
· Turf football/soccer field
· Turf soccer/football practice field
· New "Home" bleachers
· Football/Soccer ticket and concession building
· Additional 2 courts with lights
· New track facilities
· Auxiliary parking lot with ADA compliant stalls
Conceptual Drawing