(updated April 9, 2018)
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Referendums (tentative)

The school board plans to request two referendums on the November 6 ballot. Approval of the two combined requests would not increase the current mill rate due to the retirement of the 2014 referendum levy.

Referendum 1) $8.25M for the outdoor athletic facility proposal to be paid over 15 years.

Why: Athletic fields & surfaces no longer best serve our students and community needs. If no action is taken, possible consequences could occur, including:
  • Big Foot may be forced to rely on other school systems or municipalities to provide amenities.
  • The reduction or elimination of some sport activities
  • Reduced enrollment due to school choice
  • Other unforeseen consequences

Referendum 2) $350K per year for 3 years for operational support of the school.

Why: Pay for a School Resource Officer, improve technology throughout the school, and pay for maintenance of the improved athletic facility.
  • Big Foot gets minimal state aid due to high property values and modest enrollment numbers.
  • Big Foot's annual operational levy limit is tied to student enrollment and cannot increase without going to referendum.
  • State policies limit operational resources. Big Foot has been forced to dip into fund balance 8 of the last 10 years. If no action is taken, it is projected that the school will have a negative fund balance in 2020.
  • * Note * Due to uncertainties at the state level, we have been advised not request for operational support beyond three years.

Tax Implications

The goal is to have a $0 change in taxes with the approved referendums. Debt retiring from the 2014 Referendum would be replaced by the Outdoor Athletic Facility Referendum AND the Operating Referendum.

To better understand school finances, levy limits and referendums, Robert W. Baird & Co. has prepared a educational slide show. * Note, some numbers have changed since the slide show.


Athletic Proposal History

Jan. 15, 2018 - School Board Meeting: The full board expressed support for Concept 3 (v2) for an estimated $8.25M to be paid through a general obligation bond to be paid over 15 years. Also, the board recognized the need for a $350K/year for three years supplemental operational referendum to cover costs associated with operating the school.

School leadership will start presenting the need and project concept at village board meetings, civic and other groups over the next coming months. Also, school leadership will begin a fundraising campaign.

Dec. 18, 2017 - School Board Meeting: The board gave Administrator Doug Parker a directive to explore options relating to the outdoor athletic project and operational funding not to exceed $9,000,000. The Board also suggested that the referendum vote should occur on November 6, 2018. Note: No formal action occurred, only guidance.

More information will be made available as the school leadership continue to explore the project.

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