Project Purpose

Create a safe, cost effective, functional complex that meets the needs of the high school, recreation district, and community. Additionally, a new complex creates potential income opportunities by hosting tournaments and events for softball, baseball, soccer, passing leagues, and multiple youth sports.  It could also be used for band camps and other community events.

Facts of the Current Status

Addressing the Need: The process of pursuing outdoor athletic complex started approximately four years ago while the school leadership was working through the 2014 Referendum. At the time, the primary focus was on building envelope projects. While addressing the 2014 scope of projects, it was determined that an outdoor athletic comprehensive plan as well as a separate referendum would be required.

Track Surface: The track was built in 1982 and has only been resurfaced once in 1998.  The recommended useful life is approximately 8-10 years for resurfacing.  It is not usable for competition because there are parts of the track worn down to the asphalt base causing uneven surfaces for competition. Additionally the six lane track limits the school's ability to host WIAA meets.

Football & Soccer Fields: The stadium is currently used by varsity football, JV football, JV2 football, JV soccer, varsity soccer, and three levels of youth football.  We have had as many as 14 events on the field in one week.  The grass surfaces cannot withstand high traffic and has been compacted. Damage is compounded by drought or heavy rain events. Additionally there is a broken irrigation main under the current soccer practice field that needs repaired.

Track/Football Field Fencing: Fence posts have been subject to frost heaving throughout the years causing the fencing to become unstable.

Baseball & Softball Diamonds: The Village of Walworth has informed BFHS that they would like us to have our own baseball facility instead of using Devil’s Lane Park.  Additional issues include:

  • Inadequate parking at Toynton Park and nonideal parking at Devils Lane Park
  • Foul balls frequently land in neighbors property which have created occasional property damage thus raising safety concerns due to errant balls.
  • Netting and pole system is not expansive enough to catch all balls
  • Bleachers have exceeded life expectancy
  • Devils Lane Park lighting will not be allowed to be maintained once they fail (according to Alliant Energy)
  • Increased frequency of use has exceeded the field demand originally intended by the high school/village agreement.
  • The Rock Valley Conference now requires two baseball and softball diamonds for varsity and jr. varsity games. The existing JV fields located on the high school property cannot be used while soccer or track events occur.

Tennis: The current unlit six courts limits the high school’s ability to host WIAA events. Matches occasionally need to be suspended due to darkness. By having eight courts with lights, Big Foot would be able to finish all meets during the season as well as host events that extend into dusk. Additionally:

  • The existing base creates surface cracks that must be repaired on an annual basis.
  • The unlit courts limit the number of matches that can be completed for meets as well as the ability for the community to use the courts for evening play. 

Photos of issues