2024 Tennis & Pickleball Court Project

Updated 6/7/24

Help fix our courts and show your support for tennis and pickleball!


Tuesday, June 11 at Midnight: The concrete pour for the new concrete tennis courts will begin.

Details: The courts are 36,000 total square feet, and an estimated 640 cubic yards of concrete will be poured. The pour will take an estimated 18 hours, so, to make it happen, they will begin at approximately 12 am in the morning on Tuesday, June 11th, and be done that evening. There will be work lights, and some noise. We are hoping it won't be too loud, but wanted to give everyone the heads up. Thank you very much for your patience and support.

Big Foot Tennis Court Repair Details

The Problem: Our 6 old asphalt courts, now 23 years old, require extensive repair - again. Over the courts' life, they have been crack-filled, repaired, and resurfaced numerous times. As the courts have aged, the weather damage has accelerated.

This year, the court condition brought the school district to a crossroad: pay for another extensive repair and resurfacing that will last another 3-5 years or find a long-term solution to make them as durable as possible.

Solution: After investigating our different repair/replace options and acquiring several bids, it was agreed to utilize the same post-tension concrete system that our two 2019 courts we constructed. These will provide longevity and reduce issues typical to a asphalt court - such as heaving, cracking, ponding, etc.

Project Timeline: Work is tentatively scheduled to start in late May 2024, to be completed by late-July.

Funding for the Project: No referendum will be required, and taxes will not be increased. In addition to a fundraising campaign, BFHS started a facilities maintenance fund 5 years ago, and will use some funds from that, called Fund 46. A portion of Recreation District funds (Fund 80) will also be used, as will an insurance claim from wind damage to our windscreens and fencing. Finally, the last of the one-time ESSER funds will complete the project.

More Information and Questions: We will be posting more information on these pages as it comes available. If you have questions, please check out our "Frequently Asked Questions" or send us a question.

We'd appreciate your support!: We know you may be passionate about tennis or pickleball at Big Foot, and we are asking for your support. All support levels are appreciated, and we will recognize levels "Volley - Ace" on a donor wall next to the courts.

Support the Tennis & Pickleball Court Project and get on the wall!

· The donor wall is located next to the courts recognizing our Big Foot Tennis & Pickleball supporters.
· Choose to have your name engraved on a pickleball or tennis ball and show your support for tennis and pickleball in our community!

Donations of all levels are welcome.

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Current Donors

$1,000 +
The Hamburg Family: Jack, Vivian & Beck
Annabelle, Doug & Kristin Parker
$500 +
$250 +
Jack & Chris Wonderlick
$100 +
Polkow Family
Michael R. Preniczky
Current Advertisers
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The Goal

The goals of the North Tennis / Pickleball Court Complex includes:

Address safety and functionality concerns of the outdoor tennis / pickleball complex.

Provide high-quality playing surfaces for our students and community.

Improve aesthetics of the Big Foot High School campus.

Provide opportunities for increased athletic, fitness, and recreational experiences for our Big Foot residents.

Reduce maintenance time and expenses..

Keep tax impact to property owners at a minimum.

Major Project Items

· Install a new, 6 tennis courts using durable post-tension concrete. Courts will be lined for pickleball.
· New fencing that will improve the spectator experience.
· A bleacher area adjacent to Court 1.